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Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 1 English Dub




In the secluded "quiet zone" of the Regio Solaria, a young boy named Oliver lives with his governess Amaytha and her maid Wilhelmina, and they live in the ruins of their previous home. In the evening, Oliver is always sent to bed at 6pm, but one night, the mayor of the city, Benton, decides to take a visit. When Amaytha gives him a drink, a poisonous black liquid is added to it, which Benton then drinks. Oliver then falls asleep, and Benton discovers the boy's weakness when he fails to wake Oliver up after he knocks his cup over. Benton then dons a disguise, and takes Oliver with him in a dark alley, where he tries to decapitate the boy. Oliver soon wakes up, and before Benton can murder him, Amaytha uses her magic eye to see Benton's true face. Then, she and Wilhelmina take Oliver home. The next day, Benton makes a surprise visit to Oliver's home. Oliver then tells him that he would rather die than tell him what he really saw on the night he became ill. Oliver then reads the words he saw written on the ground that evening: "So many people killed in the night." This is the catalyst for the story. When Benton leaves, he encounters a man with skin that is scaly and dark, and it's revealed that the man is a Filth Monster. The man tries to attack Benton, but Wilhelmina gets it for him. The city is attacked by Filth Monsters, and the Regios residents flee to a place where they are safe. Amaytha and Oliver escape as well, but their van is wrecked. Amaytha then tries to escape on a boat, but it explodes. Amaytha is left on the island with Oliver, while Wilhelmina survives. Amaytha, thinking of how to find shelter, gives Oliver a candle and a bottle of fire-extinguishing chemical. Amaytha then lights up the candle and tries to sing. As the candle burns down, Oliver's music box falls to the ground. Oliver hears it and decides to try it. He plays the music box, which it plays the song Oliver's Dream, which was written for him by his father. Oliver then falls asleep, and Amaytha tries to kill him with the chemical. The chemical is revealed to be oil of the Thistle flower. Oliver then



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Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 1 English Dub

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